Hello, Guys! It’s Sunday and I know how disheartening that may be for some of us. It can be so sad to remember that a new week has begun, and work may resume the next day: Monday.

That overwhelming, cloudy feeling begins to loom gradually even if you love your job. Around 4: 00 PM on Sunday, you begin to wonder if your TGIF status was really worth it and how the entire weekend seemed to breeze through.

You get all gloomy and moody and eventually, Monday seems like a burden to you and your worst day of the week. 

Even as kids most of us dreaded Sunday nights because it meant we would have to wake up early for school on Monday morning. It’s worse off if you happen to be a parent.

This means you have to worry about your work and school runs of your child, the coming week. Sigh. I know how that can be because I grew up with two much younger siblings and it was so much work, believe me!

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while because I know that it affects a lot of us. This feeling is called the Sunday-night blues and it affects most workers. I have found ways I get rid of this feeling and it takes consistency honestly.

Sometimes we just want to sit in and relax all through the weekend till Monday, but that may not be possible unless you took leave from work (of course, depending on your job).

So here are things that have worked for me so far, maybe it’d work for you as well.


1. Take advantage of Friday

Fridays are somewhat relaxing at work, at least for me and I think you may agree with me. So instead of daydreaming about the weekend, try to sort things out prior to Monday, the following week.

If you do this, you would feel organized and wouldn’t have to think too much of the work you failed to complete previously. Sort out unfinished businesses on Fridays and have a less stuffed Monday.

2. Do Sunday on Saturday

This just means that whatever you would usually do on Sunday, choose to do it on Saturday instead. For some reasons, most times people tend to schedule fun stuff for Saturdays and chores or obligations for Sundays.

This makes Sunday’s duties so enormous and naturally dreadful. Swap things around. Do the interesting things you love to do on Sunday. Go sightseeing.

Hang out with friends at the best restaurant in town on Sunday so that you can take that joyous mood along with you to bed, and subsequently to work on Monday.

If you find that you can’t prepare your work meals on Saturday, you can at least figure out what you intend to take to work for the week. You can also do laundry and iron out your clothes. Go grocery shopping on Saturday.

Just try to reduce the errands you may run on Sunday to the bearest minimum.

Of course, you may be unable to swap some events like a friend’s wedding or birthday party which may hold on a Saturday, but you can squeeze in time to sort out chores on Saturdays instead. *fingers crossed*

3. Spice up Sundays

If you are going to carry out most obligations on Saturday, you might as well have some fun on Sunday. I secretly look forward to fun events on Sundays because I find that it takes my mind away from weekly obligations.

Try to do everything that interests you towards Sunday evening so that you feel much more relaxed and you don’t have to think of getting back to a stressful week. This will keep you going.

You can decide to have a Sunday evening ritual. Find out what makes you relaxed and excited. Stick to doing it regularly if necessary. Although please note that, you may get bored of doing the same thing frequently and may need to change your plan as needed.

It could be as simple as watching a movie, having lunch, organizing a game night, having dinner with friends, reading a book, or doing anything you feel works perfectly for you.

4. Don’t Schedule meetings for Mondays

As much as possible try to avoid scheduling a meeting for Monday. It could be burdensome to know that you have a meeting to preside over on Monday (or one to attend).

Knowing that you have Monday filled up with so much workload, meetings, and unattended tasks from Friday is worrisome enough.

If you have some control over your schedule depending on your job, reduce your plans for Monday and cut yourself some slack. However, if it’s inevitable, then try to schedule the meeting in the afternoon, just so you have enough time to fit into the new workday before any pressure.

This will help with productivity. Also, if there is a particular task you enjoy doing at work and regularly look forward to, then you can schedule it for Monday to help with serenity.

5. Plan Plan Plan

I know the word “plan” seems like a lot of work already and you may be wondering how this is going to help. It doesn’t have to be anything too serious. Having a rough idea of how you intend your week to turn out could help beat Sunday-night blues because you feel in charge and control of your week even before it begins.

So scribble. Type. Write. Call it what you want. Try to draft out your forthcoming week’s plans and you may be able to get rid of that moody feeling.

6. Go to bed early on Sunday

Try as much as possible to soak yourself up and have some rest. Going to bed early on Sunday will help you feel much more relaxed and ready to accomplish all that you need to do on Monday. You would feel much energized on Monday morning and there will be no feelings of fright.

Do you have Sunday-night blues? Have you been able to beat this feeling? What have been your best solutions? What do you do differently and do you have other suggestions? It would be nice to hear from you too.

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Have a beautiful week ahead.