Getting a job can be demanding and a good way to beat the competition is to involve what you do during your spare time at an interview. This says a lot about you and will help you get the right fit because you would be matched with a job that suits both you and the company.

Do you remember these posts HERE and HERE, where we discussed some employable skills? Well, you could just make your passion or hobby blend in as an employable skill that is of value to your prospective employer.

If you are considering a transition in your current workplace, you could also use your hobbies to your advantage. Judging from your previous practice, your employer or manager should be able to tell if your hobby has contributed to the success of your team or department.

What you do during your spare time describes you and you can use it to sell yourself. Take a look at the hobbies below.

1.  Creative Hobbies


There are different types of art and it could help train your mind to be creative. This could be drawing, painting, playing an instrument, photography, writing, cooking, etc. These type of hobbies can be useful for jobs in marketing, public relations, design, and media.

I also feel that the ‘experts’, in maybe fashion, should do pretty well in fashion jobs. You all have been really creative.

2. Team Sports


Every organization needs to know that its employees can work together in harmony. Sports like basketball, football, soccer, hockey, baseball, etc. show that you can work well with others to achieve a common goal.

You can use your team spirit experience as an example when answering teamwork interview questions.

3. Traveling


There has been so much hype about travel lately especially on social media and while many may not necessarily see traveling as a skill, it could be an employable skill if properly used as an example.

Travelling is a passion for many but can be a skill. It exposes you to different cultures which could be an asset depending on where you intend to work. Travelling improves your cultural awareness, increases your knowledge, and helps you see things from a broader perspective.

If you are able to answer your interview questions in a way that relates to your love for travelling, it could show that you can work with people from diverse backgrounds, speak another language (if you also learn languages on your travel), and it could describe you as someone that loves to research because travelling brings out a lot of new experience and shows guts.

I was at an event recently where one of the speakers kept emphasizing how important it is to travel, and do other things for leisure because we all need to have some form of recreation to have a fulfilled life.

It shouldn’t always be about work alone. I haven’t traveled much. So far, I have visited three countries, but I hope to expand my horizon because I know it will be beneficial. Your travel experience doesn’t have to be international, even local trips can expose you to so many things you took for granted. Where have you visited and how beneficial has it been to you?

4. Strategic Mind Games


A couple of weeks ago, I visited a client and couldn’t help but notice how many sudoku puzzle games she had. There were several booklets lying around, even in her private washroom! Great interests in games like sudoku, chess, backgammon, etc. show that you can be a critical thinker. It proves that you wouldn’t mind doing repetitive tasks and that you have a logical mind.

These games also help enhance your problem-solving and creativity skills. Jobs in the line of event planning, strategic planning, and technical development roles will be most suitable for you and you should use your hobby as a strength during your job application or interview.

5. Reading

I am a huge fan of Grisham

I am a huge fan of Grisham!

Reading is a hobby to many and it shows good research and investigative skills. It also proves that you have a quest for knowledge. Many employers want employees that are willing to grow and you can use reading as a good example to show your willingness to learn more and grow within the company.

6. Endurance Sports


Sports like car racing, running, cycling, swimming, etc. show a lot of perseverance. If you do any during your spare time, you can use this as an example to show your drive towards achieving a goal. This hobby will be helpful in sales or business development jobs and you can use your experience as an example.

7. Fashion


Social media has been one of the champions in promoting fashion today. So many people have been able to benefit in one way or the other when trying to look for fashion tips. If you are a fashion enthusiast you could use this to your advantage.

First, you would have to dress really well and appropriate to the interview depending on the type of job you want and the company. Remember to do a proper research ahead of time to find out the company’s dressing policy.

Secondly, if you are looking for a job in entertainment, media, advertisement, or PR then you can use your fashion experience or hobby as an example to show that you are the right candidate for the job.

As a blogger, I have come across several fashion blogs and I think the use of blogs or social media help promote your passion for fashion. I have also seen people get life-changing fashion internships just because they have been able to use their hobby to an advantage.

8.  Risky Activities


we have all come across some job descriptions that state that the company wants a candidate who isn’t afraid to get out of his/ her comfort zone. If you are involved in activities like mountain climbing, skydiving, biking, or mountain biking then you can chip this in during an interview to prove that you are a risk taker and always willing to take up new challenges.

Personally, I don’t involve myself in risky activities as this (lol), but if you are someone that has the passion for any, you can use your experience as an example during an interview and beat your competition.

These hobbies can help you gain employable skills such as team spirit, creativity, communication, in one way or the other. The idea is to show your current employer if you are seeking a promotion, that your experience from your hobby will benefit the company.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a new job, then you can use your hobby as an example in answering your interview questions to prove to your prospective employer that you are the right candidate for the job.

Please note that you shouldn’t lie. Tell the truth always about what you have interest in. You don’t want your employer to later discover that you lied about a hobby.

What do you think? Do you have other hobbies to add to the list? What is your hobby and how have you been able to relate it to your job?

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