Happy October!!!

I am so excited it’s October already. Every year I get this feeling for several reasons. First, it’s my birth month. It’s also my father’s birthday today (1st of October). Today is also Independence day in Nigeria, my country and where I lived most of my life. In Canada, Thanksgiving day and Halloween is celebrated in October alongside series of other events. October is filled with several amazing occasions and I intend to make the most of it this year.

I am so grateful to see the end of September and witness the beginning of another wonderful month. September was filled with a lot of experiences and even though I can’t exactly predict what October has in store I intend to enjoy every day of the month and appreciate my challenges as best I can.

This month I encourage you to keep being you, keep pushing, keep living your dreams, keep working hard, and keep working smart. Not much talk this October in regards to inspiration because I am just too excited about my upcoming birthday. I love birthdays! Thankfully, each year my birthday gets even better celebrated. I just love birthdays generally and I am so ecstatic when it gets to become mine. Don’t blame me I have just always had a thing for birthday celebrations and I don’t take mine likely lol.

If you need some dose of inspiration, however, don’t hesitate to visit the inspiration category of the blog to stay uplifted. Also, if you missed any previous blog post, please feel free to browse through categories on the header. There are categories on the blog to help you find topics depending on what you feel like reading.

This month I will explain in-depth why I chose to blog mainly on work related matters and why I find interest in what I do. I understand that many of you don’t understand why, and I hope to answer that. Since this month is my birth month I will be giving you a few posts that will help you get to know me better if you have at any time wondered. So stay glued to this blog for updates.

To round up today’s post, I will also be sharing a quick recipe from The Food Disciple for your work meals. What better way to kick off this new month than to give you a nice recipe for Monday lunch? The Food Disciple has been so supportive ever since I reached out to her for help in creating quick food ideas for work. If you missed the previous recipes, you can read it up HERE and HERE. I have tried out both recipes and it was extremely delicious. So what are you waiting for?

work meal idea

work meal idea

Take this to work this October

Take this to work this October

It’s Thai Shrimp Fried Rice for the win on today’s recipe idea!!!!! Who is dancing right now with me? Sometimes it’s just great to try something from a different culture. I told you that The Food Disciple is really versatile with her cooking and I wasn’t joking. I can’t wait for the thanksgiving weekend because The Food Disciple will be hosting us all through the weekend, and I am so excited to make my stomach happy, like literally. I will definitely keep you updated via Instagram stories at the dinner so follow me on Instagram.

I am in love with this recipe for several reasons:

  1. Cooking time is really less. It’s just 30 minutes so you need to take this to work on Monday, no excuses.
  2. Change and spice up your taste bud with shrimps. They are really tasty.
  3. This meal is sure going to satisfy you all through the day. This will help you concentrate better.
  4. It will definitely go with a cold glass of apple or orange juice. I prefer apple, though.

To view the full recipe, be sure to visit The Food Disciple blog. She also has other tasty recipes.

October ispiration and food ideas

That is me trying so hard to reach the top of the CN Tower, Toronto

I wish you so much joy and laughter this month. I wish you much favor at work. To my father, happy birthday dad! To Nigeria, happy independence day! To my readers whose birthdays are in October, I wish you a great one. May all your dreams and aspirations become reality. 

If you need to speak with me or need answers on questions, please feel free to leave comments below or send an email to [email protected] or via the Contact page. Feel free to follow me on social media.

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Stay blessed, keep marching!