Hey you! Yes, you.

I know you are a bit surprised at the picture at the top. Not to worry. Today’s post is going to be a little different from the norm. I’ve been receiving a lot of reports about how difficult it is to prepare meals for work and I know how important this is for all round balance.

Packing up breakfast or lunch for work can be a daunting task. The aim is to make it seamless for you (and me too! haha). Whenever I make my food for work, I am usually so ecstatic and energized all day long! I know you also feel that way too. Please tell me that I am right.

I was concerned, so I went ahead to talk to my chef friend. She runs The Food Disciple blog. I particularly love her style because she is versatile in her cooking. She also creates intercontinental dishes and with The Food Disciple, there isn’t really a boring moment of food. The Food Disciple is a lover of anything food and more importantly, very creative in her cooking. When I contacted her to work with me, I was so excited when she informed me that she was in!

I know how extremely busy she is as she has many clients she has to cook for along with working her 9-5 job.

I imagined; “How does she do it… work, cater to clients, and yet make her meals? She must be superhuman lol!”

But seriously, The Food Disciple is really good at what she does. I for one can testify because I have severally been at the end of her table, tasting special meals. She was the perfect person to work with. We discussed and agreed that we will regularly post meals that are quick to make and also great for work.

I lay more emphasis on “quick”. That seems to be the challenge. I am a morning person and I love my home cooked meals. The whole idea is to give you that taste of home at work. I know that your nutrition is really important for your productivity and you can keep track of your diet if you make your meals yourself.

Guys, I am thrilled at this new “thing” we would be doing. For now, I can’t promise that it will be a daily affair because The Food Disciple has a tight schedule. But for this blog, I will regularly ensure that we post quick, easy to make meals for you. I encourage you to try out the recipes she would create for workers.

The very first food I will be displaying here on the blog is this amazing Fluffy Pancakes.


I love it for several reasons;

  1. It takes only 1 hour to prepare
  2. It is easy to make
  3. It is great for breakfast or brunch (if you are like me!)
  4. It’s easy to pack up to work
  5. It is great with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate (yay!!!… we all love this at work don’t we?)
  6. You can spice things up with fluffy pancakes ( There are several toppings or fruits to try. )
  7. If you don’t see yourself preparing this in the morning then you can make it at night and heat it up at work using a microwave or toaster. (It’s something I would do!)
  8. It’s also really nice to share with colleagues (Fluffy pancakes are so lovely that you may not want to share and that’s understandable lol.)




To get the full recipe, please visit The Food Disciple. She also has other fascinating recipes on her blog.

So what do you think? Will you make this for work? You should! What would you have your fluffy pancakes with? We will be posting other recipes that will help make  your work-life less stressful, easier, and enjoyable. Big thank you to The Food Disciple for working with me on this one.

Have a great day ahead!

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Photo credit: The Food Disciple