It’s no news that even some people who claim to love their jobs and repeatedly tell you of how awesome the job is, have some down times when they feel frustrated on the job or somewhat unsure of whether to continue on the job. If you are reading this article, you love your career path and profession but you are unsure of your job. You also feel like you detest the job you currently have or you have an unexplainable feeling concerning your job. You would rather just sit at home than go to work, but for some reasons, you end up going and you hate it while you are there. Your entire day feels hopeless and your week feels longer.

If you love your profession or career path then you may have to look at your job as a partner that you can gradually fall in love with. If you regularly have to go to your workplace and you spend almost 8 hours working, then you should be able to love doing your job especially since you spend quite a lot of time on it. You don’t want to end up nagging all day through or feeling overwhelmed. This is a reason why you should work towards falling in love with your job.

In this case, you also don’t have problems or challenges with your organization. Yes, treat your job as a partner because only then would you give it the necessary thought needed to gradually fall in love with it. Having said this, I will briefly give tips that can help you love your job.

Discover the interesting bit

It’s understanding that your job may be monotonous and that alone can get you bored resulting to you detesting the job. First off, if you think the problem is you getting bored at work then be sure to read this article here on that topic. This means that you need to take out time to find out the reason(s) why you hate your job. You need to think, search within you and reflect. Evaluate your daily tasks and write out what you hate doing at work.

One thing is certain, when you discover what interests you on your job, you will gradually grow to love your job. For instance, you work a 9 to 5 job where you have to meet up with several clients and have business meetings or market products and services. What you may hate about the job may be having to sit in for several long meetings all day. But what you may love about the job may be the opportunity to meet and interact with new people, make new friends and network.

With this in mind, the next time you go for a meeting, you won’t necessarily sit and talk business all through. You may chip in some unconventional talk every once in awhile, provide yourself with a relaxing atmosphere, make one or two new friends and in turn love your job and the fact that it creates such an engaging moment for you.

It’s important for you to search, discover, dig out and just explore that tiny little bit of your job that interests or fascinates you and then use it to your advantage.

Propose a change in your job description

It’s always advisable that you have an individual development plan as this will help you keep track of goals at work and give you the opportunity to re-evaluate with your manager or boss. However, if you do not have one, then you can also walk up to your manager, boss or employer and try to negotiate changing your job description. It could be that you are overworked or not given challenging work. This may make you lack motivation on the job. Discussing such issues with your employer will give you the possibility of doing things you will love.

You both can then examine your present job description and work towards a common solution. Make necessary tweaks and adjustments and find what things you can do or add to give you the required spark you so desire in your job.

Also, if you need to make some changes to your schedule for personal reasons, you can also talk to your employer about it to make possible solutions.

Find a Hobby

I believe that doing something that gives you joy and happiness alongside your job, will give you that positive energy and joy when you are at work. Since you spend most of your time at work, take out your extra time to invest in a passion or a new hobby to give you a balance. You will feel relaxed and ultimately enjoy doing your job. This will give you some love for your job because you also have some other thing “your hobby” to look forward to.

To love your job, you need some form of happiness inside you and spending time on a hobby will give you just that. It could be cooking, baking, painting, traveling, photography and so on. You can do this at your leisure.

Dress up real good

This is just plain psychology. You may feel that your job or role is demeaning but if that’s the path you chose and really want, then why not? All you need to do is to take pride in your looks. You don’t have to dress the part in this case. You should look good, feel good inside and outside. By the time people around you start commending you, there would just be some form of happiness bubbling inside you resulting to you loving your job.

You need to dress to impress yourself, clients, and colleagues. The saying goes; “Dress the way you want to be addressed.”

Some people would give anything to have your job so you need to be grateful to know that you have one. If you don’t love your career path or your organization for some reasons, that is a different ball game altogether and I would discuss on that topic some other time. But if the challenge is the fact that you just hate your job then you need to work out ways to fall in love with the job and make the best out of it.

Try to apply these tips because it will help you love your job and I wish you a splendid work-life. If you need to make suggestions or comments, please do so. I would love to hear from you. Let’s hang out!

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