I know of people who have flexible work hours at their workplaces and I know how happy they are to talk about their job and organization. This sends out a good impression of the organization to the general public. These flexible hours may not necessarily occur every day, there is some form of breakdown or structure to enjoy the flexibility and this prevents its abuse. It goes to show that everything should be done in moderation.

Just the same way, I am very sure that most of us have also worked in places that are rigid and strict with time and hours. To some extent, I feel that some organizations have gotten so used to this rigidity and fail to see the unyielding effects that it gives to an organization’s productivity and creativity.

It is important for leaders, managers, or people in top management to understand that talent is the backbone of any successful business. Personally, we all want to be treated with respect, it will be nice to imagine that for your employees as well. It is one thing to attract talent to your organization and it is a different ball game to retain top talent. It is always necessary to employ various strategies to retain your talent and make them feel involved, and hence flexibility comes to play.

To include workplace flexibility in your company culture you may need to embrace telecommuting so that even when your employees are not in the workplace you can still communicate with them if needed. It will be good to put in place a structure that will meet individual needs as well as organizational needs. It is a form of balancing interests and yet making employees feel valued.

According to the 2015 workplace flexibility study;

“Employers are seeing benefits from their flexibility programs. The top benefits organizations saw in their work flex programs were improved employee satisfaction (87%), increased productivity (71%), and that they retained current talent (65%). 69% use their programs as a recruiting tool and 54% said that their programs positively impacted their recruiting.”

Please also note that more companies are investing in flexibility programs.

Here are things you will benefit from corporating with talents/ employees to include workplace flexibility

Higher Morale

Working with your employees/ talent on workplace flexibility will give them control over their personal life and space. This will ultimately lead to reduced turnover and absenteeism. It will give them time to clear out personal issues and become creative and productive at work. This will bring profit and innovation to your organization.

Corporate culture

Including workplace flexibility as your organization’s strategy is a good way to enhance your workplace culture. It will attract and retain top talent. If prospective employees understand that workplace flex is part of your company’s culture, it will increase competition for your organization and put out good words for it.

Also, including flexibility in your strategy proves that your organization embraces diversity. There are different religions, cultures, practices and so on. Embracing flexibility shows that your organization is willing to accommodate needs of employees as the case arises.

Improves relationship

Including flexibility will help create a strong relationship between management and employees. It will build trust and create a healthy workplace atmosphere. It is a win-win situation as it will lead to a successful business.

Workplace flexibility helps ensure work-life balance for employees, hence promoting a healthy workforce. From these benefits, your organization will increase employee innovation and creativity, enhance productivity and reduce turnover. Don’t you want to invest in workplace flexibility?

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