People look up to confident people. They are admired. They become mentors….it just happens! They make waves. They are able to speak freely with others and meet up with proposed expectations. Confident people are risk takers ready to put up with any challenge that may come their way.

They most likely never regret it because they expect the best and work towards that. They go for what they want and achieve it. Confident people are not just dream-chasers, they really do live the dream! I can go on and on, but let me spare you the list at least for now. I know that you have an idea.

I expect that you already have that person you admire so much and wish you could be as confident as he/ she is. I know you wish that you could be a person people listened to because of your charisma. I know you have that hunger to become confident, to exhume some form of authority, to make your points known, to have your voice heard, to stand before a crowd, to come out of your shell. Indeed, to live your dreams!

The good news is that you can become that person. Self-confidence is like a skill and can be mastered. You are much more likely to win your employer over if you portray confidence. There are ways to develop self-confidence and that is what I intend to discuss in this article.

Here are ways to go about building self-confidence;

Feel good about your strengths and weakness

It is okay to make a mistake. It is, however, wrong to fail to correct your mistakes. Learn the rudiments of your trade, field, job… name it! Learn those basic skills you need. No one really expects you to be perfect.  So think of it, relax, wrap your head around your present challenges and take a better approach.

Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements and reward yourself if possible. Feel good about what you have been able to do.


At every point in time, you should be ready for any eventualities. Do your research for that presentation so that you will be confident. Master your craft as best you can before you present it to prospective clients or your employer. Practice imaginary questions that you may be asked. Make out other alternatives where necessary. Consider benchmarking if need be.

Avoid Negativity

Stay away from negative people and move towards positivity. A person feeding you with negative thoughts will ultimately lead to lower self-esteem and result to lack of confidence. Continuously make positive declarations as often as possible. You are what you tell yourself. Try as much as possible to not talk yourself out of doing something. The next time there is something you want to shy away from, maybe, just maybe you should give it a try and get out of your comfort zone. What is there to lose? Ask yourself this question; What is the worst that  can happen? Try to answer that question and make an informed decision.

If you build on yourself with these three points, you will become more confident and can become valued by your employer. To be able to sell yourself, you need confidence and I hope you now know how to develop it.

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