As usual, I take the time to relax and think of the past and I remembered one of my all-time favorite movies: “The Pursuit of Happyness”, spelled with a ‘y’ a 2006 American biographical drama film based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner (starring Will Smith).

Although the movie relates more to his nearly one year of homelessness, I can readily relate this to the workplace especially because he had to struggle to make a career decision at some point.

Let’s be frank if you have seen the movie, it definitely took some form of happiness to go that far in his career despite his present circumstance at the time. If you haven’t seen the movie, I would advise you to do so and forge on with the year. It is an all time classic!

I can’t begin to imagine the number of times I have had to hear different people talk about how they crave happiness at their jobs. Undeniably, I have heard some say that they are happy at their jobs.

Ever wondered if you could be happy at your job too? Trust me, you too can be! If you have been unhappy at work it is time to change things and sprung up.

If some other person can be happy, then certainly it is not far fetched. There are firms these days that make it a primary duty to help companies create a happy workplace culture for its employees. This shows how important happiness is at work.

There have also been several studies which include psychological findings to show that a happy workplace leads to a productive workplace.

I know that you think it is your employer’s duty to make you happy at work. Yes, maybe! You could be right. We are all entitled to our opinions. But, are you not tired of nagging at work? Isn’t it time for you to get productive and achieve career goals?

Don’t you feel that you are starting to come off as having a dilettante approach to your work and career? In fact, do you feel unhappy, sad, and miserable at work?

Alexander Kjerulf, says that happiness is the ultimate productivity booster. When you are productive you will ultimately feel good about yourself and that is a good thing

The good news is that you can be happy at work. It is even better because you can make it happen. You really need little or no help from your employer to be happy. Let’s discuss on ways to be happy at work.

Self Esteem

According to Henry S. Miller, author of  the book: “The Serious Pursuit of Happiness”

“Having a good and realistic level of self-esteem is important for all of us. It helps us weather life’s inevitable disappointments.

Healthy self-esteem is based upon accomplishments in our lives and can be built by genuine accomplishment of goals, taking on multiple roles in life, and having the courage to rise to the challenges and overcome them.”

Finding happiness at work is a decision you have to make. Just rest and feel good in your own skin. Enjoy your progress at work, realize your strengths. Write them out if you need to. Now that you are aware of your shortcomings, take out time and work on those areas.


Involve some humor at the next meeting or tell your boss about this. You may be unhappy at work because the environment always seems so tensed up.

Spice things up! Be fun, be creative. Droll out chocolates if need be. Just be happy. Liven up the atmosphere. If you feel you cannot control the situation, speak to your manager about it. Plan on ways to make work more fun.

Build your Professional and Personal Development

Hey, worker! What is more important? Isn’t it your development? Stop complaining about your boss or how much you dread your job, people are done listening to you!

He/ she probably doesn’t know that you are not being updated on recent activities at work. Sometimes, it is just workload issues. So do the keeping up!

Work on developing yourself professionally and personally. You will find happiness that way. You will get that feeling of contentment and self-actualization.

Have a Workplace Buddy

Oh yes, remember when you were in high school? Remember how you loved to chat with your friend about life and all? Who says you cannot incorporate that into your work life?

There is definitely that person at work that shares the same values as you. If not, you certainly just get along. Haven’t you noticed? Stop sitting in your tight cubicle drowning in sadness, emptiness, and self-pity. Hang out with your buddy and share ideas.

Chances are, you will want to go to work because you know there is someone to talk to and make you feel welcomed. Whatever rocks your boat, my dear worker.

Understand Personalities

Stop thinking that everyone will be like you. People are different. This makes the workplace diverse. So embrace it. Don’t expect anything from anyone, no one really owes you an obligation to open the door for you!

Your co-worker may not care about whether you have had lunch or not. Bottom line is, don’t expect anything from anyone. Just learn to appreciate your colleagues’ personality and learn to work better with them.

This will improve your state of happiness  and help you deal with conflicty and having the courage to face challenges at work. 

Reward yourself

You have done a great job. Reward yourself. Make yourself feel good. You completed that task. Reward yourself. You made it through all the meetings for the day. Dear worker, reward yourself.

It could be as easy as inhaling and exhaling. You just need to realize when it is time to soak yourself up in a bath. Reward yourself and feel good about yourself. Yes, you can be happy at work.


I remember how my instructor always made us reflect after a lecture. You can apply this at work. Choose to do this daily or weekly. Reflect on your achievements so far. Feel good about yourself. Appreciate your efforts and note down areas for improvements.

Take a Break

I cannot overemphasize how important this is. I know you feel the urge to sit back and work all day. You need to loosen up. Relax, refocus, beam and just take a break already. You have been sitting on that chair for far too long.

Ask yourself if taking 20 minutes break is worth it. It has to be. We both know that you can still finish up your work after taking that break.

Find what Interests you

Take time out before work and do what makes you happy. Maybe check out BuzzFeed for some laughs. You can watch some hilarious videos or maybe it is music that interests you. Maybe talking to some family friends make you happy.

Just do what makes you happy so that you can carry on with that mood for the rest of the day.

Attend to your Personal Matters

Take out time to attend to your personal needs for the day. 25 minutes out of your spare time will not hurt you. Make out arrangements, attend to your needs. We tend to be happier when we know that we have accomplished personal objectives. So do that!

Carry out your responsibilities. Be sure to do this at a time when you are free. Try to fix a time that blends with your work schedule.

Plan an Office Event

You always complain that your work is boring and uneventful. Purposely think of something to boost your company. Hey, what if you tried to organize a charitable event?

Maybe an office mini hangout where employees from other departments can socialize. This builds stronger teams. Talk to your employer about this. Depending on how your company is structured, you may want to talk to a superior.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. It could be something related to your industry.

Talk to your Boss about your Schedule

Maybe it is your schedule. You may need to talk to your employer about ways of accommodating you. Discuss. Communication is key. Take it out, work things out and come out with a good result.

Change your Routine

You presumably do the same thing every day and that makes you feel unhappy. A monotonous lifestyle can lead to feelings of unhappiness. Change things!

Maybe go to a coffee shop this time, before work. Take a different route on your way home from work. Maybe do some window shopping and find out what interests you.

Changing your routine doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hang out with a friend. It could be as simple as going to a different store for your grocery shopping. It could be the air. 

Career Check

If all fail, which I hope not, then it is time for a career check. Are you in the right job? A job that aligns with your career goal is a necessity. You may need to discuss with your human resource personnel on moving you to a different department that aligns with your goals.

You can also try to discuss with your employer on how to make your duties challenging to add valueYou need to remember that your happiness at work is important for your health, well-being and productivity. 

I hope these suggestions have been helpful. If you need any more information not already addressed, please feel free to leave comments. I will be glad to help. You may also send an email.

What other ways have you been able to find happiness at work? Share below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to receive exclusive information and updates in your inbox!