Zinny Factor Disclosure Statement

Zinny Factor was created to provide a platform that shared useful information on several challenges that workers (employee or entrepreneur) encounter as well as solutions. Zinny felt lost as a young millennial in the workforce and at some point just wanted to write out her thoughts and how she had come to solve certain issues.

She assumed it was a challenge that many people encounter and wanted to address it, encourage others to never give up on their goals, while also creating a relaxing environment. Kindly note that almost every information shared on this blog is as a result of her personal experience, opinion or research on each topic.

We’ll now briefly explain the categories you’ll find on this platform and what to expect.


This tab is regularly updated with posts that provide advise to entrepreneurs or employers of different industries. The sole purpose is directed towards small or mid-sized businesses to help you manage your employees and organization no matter the business you operate and the size of your staff.

The blog posts in this category are mainly addressed to people in leadership positions within any organization. This includes business owners/ entrepreneurs, executive officers, managers, supervisors, and senior level staff. Please ensure to look out for helpful topics to improve your business.


This section provides various topics ranging from how to be happy, productive, and how to enjoy your work or job ultimately leading to career growth. Here, you’ll find issues that may arise at work and tips. Occasionally, you may find recent legislation or news as it affects the workplace and practical solutions.

Let’s be brutally honest, we’ve all come to that point in our lives where we just want to give up on this thing called work-life. But more than that, find out how to pull through and how a similar experience has been handled in the past.


There is also the new worker category that addresses issues new workers may encounter in the workplace. For a long time, Zinny felt like the newbie in the workplace, the youngest one! And it didn’t help that she had a fairly tiny voice so she was seen as ‘so young’.

Millennials or new workers in general are constantly entering the workforce with different perceptions of what to expect. Zinny Factor speaks to this very important class of workers to address certain issues that she and others have encountered in the past.


Waking up every day with words of inspiration goes a long way in making a business day fulfilling. In this category,  you’ll find inspirational articles that are handy for workers. Be sure to look up this section every now and then to stay uplifted.


Since the inception of this blog, something that has been discovered is that our jobs or work affect every other aspect of our lives. To improve on this and with the suggestion of our readers, this category provides everything relaxing that can help you make the best out of life.

Look at it this way: come over to this side of the blog to chat over a glass or cup of anything!


This is a column that features inspiring workers in diverse industries. We may not have all the answers and so figured we could also hear from experts in various fields. This column will inspire you to bring your best foot forward.

Visit this section for recent interviews and more.


Many readers wanted more information on immigration issues and Zinny’s life as an immigrant. This category covers everything that involves immigration – life, work, hurdles, career, etc. However, please note that she primarily focuses on Canada since this is where she currently resides.


This blog segment gives the opportunity to read relatable stories on the life of workers. There’ll be hilarious stories, serious ones and from time to time you can expect one or two jokes (if we turn out to be hilarious enough lol).

This segment will have more of story telling depicting reality in a bid to juxtapose life in diverse settings. Please bear in mind that most of these stories will be fictitious. Where otherwise, there’ll be a disclaimer.


This category shares articles on how to manage your passion project or creativity with your full-time job (9-5). Zinny works a 9-5 as well as work alongside her husband as a Wedding Photographer/ Videographer and Lead Copywriter at Allen Oba Studios, providing services to a number of clients.

After our readers started reaching out to know how she’s able to balance all her projects, we created this segment to share more information with you and help discover the most out of your career and passion.

Please note that all blog posts and suggestions on Zinny Factor are mostly written by Zinny and or form her opinion or research (except where otherwise stated). In the event that any post isn’t written by her or we’ve received compensation for a blog post, we will credit the post to its original owner or write a disclaimer at the footnote:

*This is a collaborative post./*This is a sponsored post/ *This is a collaborative/ sponsored post; however, all opinions are mine and this post was entirely written by me.

Most articles found on this platform are informal or general in writing to create a more relaxed feeling.


Over 90% of pictures on this blog are taken by Allen Oba Studios. Other pictures used on this blog are for illustration purposes and no copyright is claimed unless otherwise stated.

If you believe any material (particularly a picture) on this site is infringing upon your copyright, please send an email to [email protected] with your name and contact information, the exact URL where the infringing material is located, and it will be removed as soon as possible.

You may notice links to other websites that are not endorsed or controlled by this platform. Zinny Factor is not responsible for the information found on these sites linked to or actions taken by those websites. All information that you submit on other websites is done at your own risk.

Zinny shares information from a human resources perspective as a trained professional and enthusiast. If you intend to use her articles please notify us and wait for a response before doing so. We may be contacted through the contact page or you may send an email to [email protected]

If you intend to share any of our articles via social media or on your website, that is great as long as we’ll receive a notification or a ping back. We’ll be glad to know that our articles are shared as this will help spread information to people that may find it useful.


We’ll be thrilled to collaborate, accept sponsorship, and or compensation for reviews and disclose these partnerships by Zinny Factor’s regulations as long as it is in line with overall objectives. Please be assured we will never compromise the integrity of our opinions and all opinions given will be honest. If you wish to work with us or Zinny in any way, please visit our Digital Marketing or Influencer Marketing page.

Finally, please subscribe to get exclusive updates. If you want to have a personal bond with Zinny, she is always willing to make new friends. Feel free to follow her personal page on Instagram. Her Insta stories has a lot of my personal life if you care, and she take a lot of pictures too. Follow our page on Instagram: @zinnyfactor.

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Last updated (March, 2018)