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April Recap: Inspiration, Lessons Learned, Hopes

It’s another new month! Excited much?

April wasn’t a bad month. If not for anything, the weather was fairly good. That’s something to be pleased about.

Everyone has been excited about Cherry blossoms and even though I wasn’t able to go to the park to take a selfie, due to so much traffic because the people in Toronto are extremely excited about Spring, at least I’ve been able to see a few around and pictures.Continue reading

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This is How to Set Goals for the New Year

Where do you see yourself in ten, five years? Better still what do you expect to have achieved by next year, 2017 since we’d be entering a new year pretty much soon?

Around this time of the year, many people begin to plan or make statements concerning new year resolutions. I think it should be an all year round affair. Whether they achieve this or not is another blog post for a different day.Continue reading


September Inspiration: Appreciate your Challenges

Happy New Month!!!!!!!!!

It’s September and honestly, I’m so excited and grateful. August was so inspiring for me. You know that I usually put up inspiring articles at the beginning of a new month because we all need a bit of that for our work lives. So I’ll be sharing what kept me going in August and how we can make our work lives more meaningful.Continue reading

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How to Love the Job you Hate

It’s no news that even some people who claim to love their jobs and repeatedly tell you of how awesome the job is, have some down times when they feel frustrated on the job or somewhat unsure of whether to continue on the job. If you are reading this article, you love your career path and profession but you are unsure of your job. You also feel like you detest the job you currently have or you have an unexplainable feeling concerning your job. You would rather just sit at home than go to work, but for some reasons, you end up going and you hate it while you are there. Your entire day feels hopeless and your week feels longer.Continue reading

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7 Ways to Increase Your Motivation at Work

In my previous article, I discussed on how to discover if you lack motivation. If you want to improve your motivation at work then this write-up is for you. It is important to note that sometimes it may not be a change of career that you need. So I decided to list a few tips to help you increase motivation at work if this is what you need. Motivation is really important because it helps increase productivity, which every organization wants. Continue reading

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2 Simple Ways to Discover if you Lack Motivation


People often times confuse lack of motivation with needing a change of career. Motivation is the willingness to do something. The question then is – Do you feel your job is mundane but deep within you, you know you want to continue with that job? This is quite tricky. The point however is that you do not want to change your career/ job and later realize that you made a huge mistake. It is very possible that what you need may not be to quit your job. Rather, what you need is to work on your motivation.Continue reading


How to Stay Positive and Mean it

Saying something positive can go a long way in life. It can affect the entire week. So many people talk about staying positive but barely know how to go about it. Staying positive is the best approach to life most especially because it reduces any form of anxiety that may lead to health related problems. Continue reading