The Immigrant Worker

7 Tips to Get your Dream Job as an Immigrant

Deciding to become an immigrant is one of the biggest decisions I have ever had to make.

It wasn’t easy to pack up my bags and decide to relocate to Canada. I don’t want to think that many people relocate to a new country without making concrete plans on how to survive in the new environment.

It’s so much of a serious decision, but I think that many people don’t know the proper ways to go about delicate things or what to expect. Also, they probably become frustrated at some point because everything seems different and not everyone has a great coping mechanism.

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New Worker, Workplace

6 Excuses People Make When Changing Careers: How To Stop Them

If you know me too well then you will know that sometimes I just get off track and reminisce for a minute or two. Fuzzy yeah? It is just something I enjoy doing to reflect. I feel like we should reflect every once in awhile just to keep track you know. Anyways, I was recently remembering those silly excuses I made when I was about making a life changing decision. I have always wanted to be a professional person, you know what I mean?

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