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Before March 2016, I had no idea what blogging entailed. I’d stop by a few blogs and didn’t know it needed so much dedication. But I was sure that I wanted to write about the workplace and after work issues and I needed to start somewhere.

So, I’m always pleased when I receive emails or messages from readers saying that they are inspired to be their better selves. It’s humbling. I only want to do better and I want to share different things I’ve learned over time.

If it helps just one person, then I’ll know that part of my work has been done!

Truth be told, blogging has made me a better person. It’s made me more conscious of my environment, made me want to help others in my own little way. And it’s ultimately improved my skills in several areas.

So thank you so much for taking out the time from your busy schedule to visit this blog. I hope you become a part of the community, enjoy my articles/ experiences, videos, and stop by more often. Kindly subscribe to the blog here.

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I understand how it can be much of an information overload once you land on a new blog page, so I thought to share with you some blog posts that most readers have loved in the past. For a start, kindly see these popular posts below.

I hope you love it here on Zinny Factor. Feel free to leave a comment behind and share your opinions on any post. I’ll love to hear back from you!


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I hope you visit the blog more often!

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