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My name is Ezinne Allen-Obayagbona, but most folks are fond of calling me Zinny, and I’ve become comfortable with that. I studied law at the University and in 2014, I was called to the Nigerian bar. I went ahead to practice law for about a year and eventually dropped my law career.

I relocated to Canada and enrolled in a Human Resources Management ‘HRM’ program because I wanted to explore a multi-cultural environment. During this time, I was fortunate to work in a number of industries and in different work settings.

Presently, I live in Toronto, Canada and work in the IT industry. My job allows me to carry out several responsibilities which also includes aspects of human resources. Just in case you are a bit curious, you should know that while I was in the University, I delved into several things in a bid to discover what I was most passionate about.

But, it was even more difficult for me because I was good at almost everything I tried to do and had fun doing it as well. To be honest, I enjoyed studying law to some extent and severally worked as an intern in a few law firms in the country. I just always knew at the back of my mind that there was something amiss.

At some point during my law practice, a lot of events transpired which in turn opened my mind to pursue a different career path. I came to realize that what I wanted to do with my life was help manage people within organizations and its business in general, help workers find joy in what they do and discuss workplace issues that I’ve become aware of.

In March 2016, I started this platform with the help of my husband because I’ve always loved writing and it was the best way to share my opinions. This platform has grown to be much more than I ever imagined and I hope it inspires you in one way or another!

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That’s me!


I started Zinny Factor to provide workplace solutions and increase happiness among workers through personal experiences. I’ll never claim to know it all, but I’ve noticed workplace issues that no one talks about in open and I share how I’ve handled a similar experience.

Topics you’ll find range from workplace issues to challenges of a new worker or immigrant in the workplace, career change, worker’s lifestyle and more. The goal is to have a relaxing atmosphere where we get to connect, learn, and still get to be awesome workers!

Mission: To provide leading practical solutions that help workers in their self-development, motivation, and passion towards their job, work, career, business and life in general.

To provide business owners/ entrepreneurs, and those in the management group with valuable information that helps in its people management.

Vision: To become a leading blog that provides relevant resources to maximize productivity within the workplace and life in general.

Values: Share, Impact, Inspire, and Educate

This website is regularly updated with the intention of bringing up creative ideas/solutions to challenges you may encounter at work and beyond. Please enjoy several topics from various perspectives, and be sure to check out the disclosure policy for what to expect on this blog, as well as the privacy statement.

I hope to enlighten and create change in you so that you can achieve your full potential, even as I go through my own path and learn new things every day through studies, research, observations, and continuous practice.

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