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August 2016

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When your Workplace Buddy Leaves

You all know how keen I am about having a workplace buddy. That person you look forward to meeting at work every day. You both have lunch together, talk about challenges you may be facing with tasks, discuss possible solutions and most likely dive into your personal life matters. Sometimes, the relationship you have with this person goes way deep. It could even be a bond. Okay, maybe not too deep, but you know what I mean?Continue reading


Promoting a Positive Safety Culture


I hope your week has been productive and successful so far? One way to have a fruitful week as an employer or someone in the management group is to go all week without a report of an accident in your organization. Undoubtedly, lack of safety in the workplace can bring about devastating experiences but of course, this can be prevented.Continue reading

New Worker, Workplace

6 Rules to Increase Productivity at Work

Ever wondered how sometimes it feels like you have accomplished tons of objectives in a day and at other days it seems like you simply breezed through the day and practically stared at your laptop all day? Relax. It’s normal. You are not a robot. These things happen sometimes. There are several misconceptions on how to get a productive day or week and honestly, I pretty much believed most.Continue reading


5 Reasons to Consider Pay Transparency in your Company

I remember when we were told to present a paper on any topic we agree on. It was for my compensation class. Somehow, my team agreed on a topic related to pay transparency and even after our presentation, I have always taken out time to deliberate on the topic and pay transparency in general as it seems to fascinate me for reasons unknown. So, this topic is in honor and or remembrance of my great team members. I miss you all.Continue reading

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How to Love the Job you Hate

It’s no news that even some people who claim to love their jobs and repeatedly tell you of how awesome the job is, have some down times when they feel frustrated on the job or somewhat unsure of whether to continue on the job. If you are reading this article, you love your career path and profession but you are unsure of your job. You also feel like you detest the job you currently have or you have an unexplainable feeling concerning your job. You would rather just sit at home than go to work, but for some reasons, you end up going and you hate it while you are there. Your entire day feels hopeless and your week feels longer.Continue reading

New Worker, Workplace

How to keep a Great Schedule that Works

Our personal lives are busy enough not to talk about our work lives, so I can imagine how much of a struggle it may be to have a great schedule or keep one. Some people say 24 hours in a day isn’t long enough. Well, I wouldn’t be the judge of that but what is really important is making the best use of our days and ensuring we have adequate rest while at it. Continue reading


How to Retain your Best Employees

Most organizations battle with trying to retain its employees, it becomes worse off if the best employees in the organization are those tendering resignation letters. If your company has a high record of turnover then there are certain factors you may want to take into consideration.Continue reading


How to go about Employee Orientation

One way a company can familiarize with new hires is through an orientation process. This involves some form of introduction to new employees on long and short term goals of the organization, values, mission, and the management structure of the company. Expectations are thereafter set and this gives the new employee a broad idea of what to expect on the job. It also gives him/ her an impression of the company’s culture. Therefore, you certainly don’t want to have a poor orientation process for your company.Continue reading


How to Make your Clients Love you

It’s August and I am so excited! Happy new month to you! I wish you a great work month filled with endless possibilities. Today’s article is one I have been willing to write for a very long time but never came around to doing so. I apologize for not updating the blog in a while, last week was so hectic, but of course, I have no excuses for not posting an article. If you visited the blog previously for a new post, I am so glad I have this up now and I will try to keep up with my schedule.

Continue reading