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June 2016

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How to Develop a Learning Culture for your Organization

A learning culture is an embodiment of your organization’s values, beliefs, processes and in entirety, what it stands for. It also combines the mission and vision of your organization in the long run. The learning culture of your organization should be one that can be felt by your clients and prospective employees through the behavior and practices of your present employees.

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6 Simple Ways to Feel Involved in a Meeting

It’s possible to have the impression that there is no need to prepare for a meeting or be involved in one. While this may be true for you, I certainly believe that there is a role for everyone to play before and during a meeting to feel involved. Meetings may be viewed as those “annoying” group discussions we were once involved in at some point or the other in our lives.

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New Worker

Millennial: How to be a Leader

Hey, millennial worker! You are young, you see things differently, you may not necessarily be a team leader or a manager presently, but you can make a difference. You can be a leader. You can exhibit characteristics of a leader even where you least expect. Age has nothing to do with being a leader.

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Networking for start-ups
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How to be a Star at Work: Inspired by Two People

It’s mid week already! The week has been great so far, it joggled from ups and downs. It has been hectic, busy, bloomy. Just name it! but it’s the experiences so far that really matters right? All the same, we are on the quest to be great at work and be a star performer. Most importantly, we have lost two “stars” this week and even as we mourn, I thought it was wise to get inspired by their work and career.

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Australia is including women in the workplace by stopping the use of these two words

Hi, everyone!

Did you notice that? I would usually have said “Hey guys!”, but not today *no pun intended*. I got to read a recent report and thought to share this with you. The weekend is upon us! What have you been saying at work? What words have you been making use of ? How many times did you say “hey guys” to your team members this week? Countless times right? I thought so too. Don’t fret, we are all in this together I suppose.

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13 Great Ways to Stay Happy at Work

June is here! Excited much? We are almost halfway through the year. As usual, I take the time to relax and think of the past and I remembered one of my all-time favorite movies; “The Pursuit of Happyness”, spelled with a “y” a 2006 American biographical drama film based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner (starring Will Smith). Although the movie relates more to his nearly one year of homelessness, I can readily relate this to the workplace especially because he had to struggle to make a career decision at some point.

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