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May 2016

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5 Ways to Manage Workplace Distractions

Hey, Guys!

I trust your week has been great. I was able to complete a project recently and that inspired today’s post. Thanks to my colleagues. Preparing the write-up was pretty interesting and enlightening and I will be sharing that with you although on a different level. Now back to the topic; managing workplace distractions. There is the possibility of being distracted at work for various reasons and it may affect your productivity and safety at work. Workplace distractions may lead to fatigue, confusion, restlessness, lack of concentration, confusion and forgetfulness. Let’s take a look at some major distractions we may encounter at work;Continue reading

New Worker, Workplace

6 Ways to Help you Work with a Difficult Person

Let’s face it, we all have different personalities. Imagine a world filled up with people of similar behavior. The world to an extent would have been boring. Variety is the spice of life! Oh yeah, I said that, despite how old that phrase may be. So if the world has people of different behaviors, religion, culture and so on, it inevitably means that the workplace will have people with varying personalities.Continue reading

New Worker, Workplace

7 Types of Power at Work and how to Manage them

We most times have the belief that only those in superior positions have the right to exercise power or even possess power in the first place. Certain circumstances and observations have made me realize that we all have some level of power within us and it all boils down to how we decide to exhibit that power, what we intend to use power to achieve and whether we want to make the best use of it or not.Continue reading


About Me


Welcome to Zinny Factor. My name is Ezinne Okwuosa but almost everyone calls me Zinny and I have become comfortable with that. I studied law and was called to the Nigerian bar in 2014. I thereafter practiced law for about a year before moving to Canada for studies.Continue reading

New Worker, Workplace

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: What You Need to Know

As an employee, it is always important to consistently ask yourself if you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of you even as you progress on your job. Most times this is stated in the job description but it can be really hard to decipher which is which. At other times, it is equally essential for you to determine if you need improvement. There are some expectations that may not necessarily be stated in your job description but will affect your performance.Continue reading